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Good Monday Morning!  If I seem annoyingly chipper, it’s because I am.  For the next few weeks, I’ll be working and playing from Arizona while I spend some time with my mom.

Visiting With Grandma | Storypiece.net

Although I already miss my guys who stayed back in Portland, I am LOVING the sun.  It’s supposed to be 111 today and I kinda don’t care because I get to be in the SUN.

And of course, Mom has air conditioning.  Let’s be real… a girl’s gotta stay cool too.

Traveling means lots of interesting sites, which will lead to some rather unique posts…  like this completely unsolicited review.

Not long after booking my plane tickets, I saw an article for Popcorn Girl in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Since we would be travelling through Vegas and I would have my own popcorn, loving girl with me, we made a stop to check it out.

Popcorn Girl | Storypiece.netPopcorn Girl is home to 50 flavored popcorns that demanded our attention.  From dill pickle to cotton candy, it is the Jelly Belly version of popcorn.

Flavored Popcorn | Storypiece.net

The staff was super nice and allowed us to try all kinds of samples.  Tess picked a Creamy Cheesecake that is a great alternative to caramel corn.

Samples of Popcorn | Storypiece.net

From sweet to savory all the popcorn is made fresh in the store.  Mom and I like things with a bit of kick so we picked-up a small bag of Southwest Hot Wings and another of the Southwest Jalapeno.  Seeing that our bent toward flavors with some heat, the staff recommended their Fire in a Bag, which is a combo of the two. The name is very appropriate.

Tasty Popcorn Treats | Storypiece.net

Before leaving we also grabbed a bag of their Crazy Confetti so we could sample a variety of their fruity flavors.  I’ll definitely be going back for their Rockin’ Raspberry.

Crazy Confetti Popcorn | Storypiece.net

If you find yourself in Las Vegas, it’s worth a stop.  In addition to all of the amazing popcorn, Popcorn Girl carries vintage candy and decorative tins for their popcorn.

Popcorn Girl Treats | Storypiece.net

If you plan on ordering online, please be aware that the shipping is a flat rate of $13.  I don’t completely understand that and it was a little shocking to realize I spent more on shipping than I did on popcorn to send home to Tyson and Evan.  Woof!  But sometimes when you’re traveling, you just gotta splurge.

Have you ever tried Popcorn Girl? Any tasty treats you are looking forward to during your summer travels? Do you have a “must see” destination while visiting Arizona or Nevada?

**This post is not sponsored by Popcorn Girl.  I just love popcorn and finding new places to visit.


  1. ScrapAndSalvage says:

    have fun in AZ!! that’s too hot for me, but glad you get a little sun break and time with mom 😀 i’m not a big popcorn person myself, but the colors sure do look purdy!

  2. Stacey says:

    Girl time! Sounds like fun, Danielle. Enjoy the people and the popcorn. We have a place like that but it’s called pop family popcorn. It’s locally owned but they have all those crazy flavors and you can create your own. I’ve never even been in the place but you’ve made me want to try it. Popcorn is my FAVORITE!

    Tessa’s hair looks so cute! The heat index here is 102! So I’m burning up, girl.
    But I’m like you… I love the sunshine. Have fun and wear your sunscreen. 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      You should go… it was so fun to try something different. Tess is loving her new do and it makes swimming so much easier. It’s definitely the way to stay cool!

  3. Gilit @ Shoes Off Please says:

    It’s you and your daughter? That’s too cute! I love crazy combos that end up being amazing! And I think if you reeaally wanted, you could add the popcorn to the list of stuff for the road trip. If you wanted to. Have fun with the three generations!

    • Danielle says:

      Ha! It’s my daughter and my mom. It’s my new favorite pic of the two of them together. Having three generations together is always fun… especially when we get to go for pedicures. Just wait until Mia is a little older… girl time is the best!

    • Danielle says:

      Thanks… I thought so too. It was kind of fun to see the striking resemblance because it’s not something I’ve noticed before.

      Extra salty popcorn would be AMAZING! They also had a peanut butter, banana one that would do Elvis proud. 😉

  4. Alex says:

    They’d better have this in Atlanta and Florida when we go down this year. How about New Orleans? I love popcorn.

    • Danielle says:

      I’m not sure about popcorn, but you guys should check out Diners, Drive-ins and Dives for great eats while you travel. You won’t be disappointed.

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