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Thank you so much for all the anniversary wishes.  Tyson and I had a lovely 20th spending Saturday together in downtown Portland while the kids were away at a church event.

On Friday, Tess celebrated her 14th birthday and the only thing that drives home the fact that we have indeed been married for 20 years is having one of our kids turn another year older.  When you have two teenagers living under your roof, two decades of marriage seems about right.

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I wasn’t going to mention Tessa’s birthday out of repect for our soon to be high schooler who is cultivating her own online presence.  For the same reason you don’t hear a lot about my son, once you’re in high school, you’re not as eager to have your mom share cute little anecdotes about your life with the world.  I totally get it.

However, Tessa received two birthday gifts that she was super excited about and as she put it “have cool stories”.

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The first is this beautiful ring from my mom.


When we were in Arizona last June, mom allowed Tess to look through my grandmother’s jewelry and take whatever she wanted.  Although the pieces are not expensive heirlooms, the responsibility of taking ownership of such family items was more than Tess was up for.  She loved several things, but opted to take this onyx ring and maybe revisit the discussion at a later date.

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In honor of her birthday, mom decided to send Tess another sparkly item.  But this time she sent one of her own… this classic garnet and diamond ring.  The garnet is my mom’s birthstone and this piece is greatly treasured by my girl.


The other gift that brightened Tessa’s big day are these gorgeous bangles.

Indian Baby Shower Bangles |

Tyson’s step-mom presented her with this fun bling all the way from India.

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Patty explained that while she was traveling, she had been invited to a baby shower.  She was told that it is customary for guests to place bangles on the mom to be and she then wears them for the duration of her last trimester.  Patty ended up with an unopened set and Tess was honored to have them passed along to her.

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This girl is really blessed with some great new pieces and to have grandmothers who “get” her sense of style.

Have you ever received jewelry that has been passed down through the generations? Have you heard of the Indian baby shower bangle tradition? Can I just tell you how thankful I am not a fashion blogger? Hands and jewelry are a surprising challenge to photograph.

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  1. Gilit says:

    What lovely gifts! I have some costume jewelry from my grandmother and I treasure it so much. I love that at 14, Tess already has an awareness of history and family and its importance. And the bangles are fabulous! Happy birthday!

  2. Stacey says:

    So pretty! Happy B-Day to Tess who is always the stylish one! (Still loving that hair cut)

    I’ll never forget the Christmas my grandmother sent me her amethyst and gold ring. I mean a huge hunk of amethyst (pear shaped). It is a strange feeling to accept something so special. It made me nervous! But I treasure it and I know Tess will too. Both rings are gorgeous! And the bangles…. I can almost hear them as they slide across her arm tapping each other. The sound of fabulous!
    And a great story to boot.

    • Danielle says:

      I love that… “The sound of fabulous!” 🙂 That’s exactly how Tess felt looking through my grandmother’s jewelry box… nervous. It’s been fun seeing her wear the ring a few times a week and I know my grandma would be so tickled.

    • Danielle says:

      It’s so awesome having a girl that loves the sparkly stuff! You would love shopping with her.

      And how fun is that green nail polish?! Her bestie just moved away and they painted nails at their last sleepover. I wasn’t sure it was going with the other colors in the photos, but I didn’t dare ask her to take it off.

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