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Last week was Tyson’s birthday and the man of the hour picked dinner at one of his favorite restaurants to celebrate.  I don’t know about you, but we have a handful of places we like to eat at and they are all near each other.

Also they all happen to be next to our local Cost Plus World Market and we ALWAYS end up there after dining out.  Tyson finds an exotic beer to try, Evan finds an unusual soda to try, Tess picks out a sweet treat from a distant land and I wander the aisles looking at all the latest decor.

I have to say that I am seriously loving all of the spring decor that is hitting the CostPlus shelves and since my wish list is infinitely greater than my pocket book, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you here.

Easter Decor | Storypiece.net

1. Baltic Blue Classic Adirondack Chair – These chairs come in a variety of colors and like skittles I want one of each.

2. Clear Tile Glass Canisters, Medium – Our store had these filled with the next item on my list with beautiful results.

3. Colorful Paper Mache Eggs, Set of 12 – The pairing with the above glass canisters is gorgeous together and I can’t wait to try the look in our home.

4. Silk Birds Wall Hanger – Because I’m from Portland and it’s not decor unless we “Put a Bird on It”.

5. Yellow Lailani Stool – Again these come in so many colors and I want them all!

6. Glass Wasp Catcher, Blue – Blue glass in any form makes my heart happy and if you have to deal with wasps, it might was well be pretty.

7. Ivory Ceramic Pillar Holders, 12.5in -These rustic candle holders are the perfect contrast to all the newness of spring.

8. Jute and Burlap Lambs, Set of 2 – How great are lambs for Easter instead of bunnies and chicks?!  The biblical implications make me want a whole herd of these little guys.

9. Aqua Baker’s Twine Spool – This twine comes in a few spring colors which is giving me ideas on fun Easter basket fillers.

10. Cute-as-a-Button Erin Chair –  This isn’t new in CostPlus furniture line, but I love it for spring.  Tufting, yes! Linen fabric with colorful buttons, yes!  The fact that I can admire this piece and not worry about one of my dogs wiping their dogginess on it, yes!

So what kind of decor have you been excited for this spring? Any favorites that I’ve shared here? Is there a store that you like to visit that has a little something for the whole family?

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  1. kellycreason says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “Baltic Blue” color! Gorgeous! I am not a lover of yellow, so I’m not feeling the love for the stool, but I DO love the lambs! Very cute! I would love doing a bedroom in the blue, with tons of ocean/beach touches! Wonder which beach would be featured? Hmmmm? 🙂

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