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Let’s talk about organization.  I love all things systematic and orderly.  Closet organizers, drawer organizers, a place for everything… it’s all a beautiful thing.

And I’ve been blessed to be married to a man that lives by this mantra and helps out around the house a lot.

I mean… A LOT.

Not only is he great with the kids and willing to make a grocery run, but he’s been known to help (on a regular basis) with the dishes and laundry too.

Seriously… he’s kinda the best.

However, when it comes to the topic of cleaning, Tyson and I have very different definitions of what clean looks like.  For me… I’m a perfectionist and although I love things to be organized, I’m the gal that leaves countless piles of stuff around the house.  I’ll pick up a pile and move it to dust underneath, but the pile itself doesn’t bother me.  It’s full of potential.  It represents something that’s gonna get done and bring so much satisfaction… Nothing to sweat about.

But for my husband, stuff left out is suffocating.  He’s the kind of guy that likes to have everything put away before he starts a project.  It brings him peace and allows him to think clearly.  What I’m saying is that Tyson doesn’t necessarily mind the puppy footprints on the hardwood floors as long as all the shoes and socks are put away.

Most of the time this difference of opinion has made us a good team in keeping our home pulled together.  Tyson spearheads keeping everything picked up and I lead the charge in the deep cleaning.  But there are points in life, when my chaotic ways become more intrusive.  Last year that became obvious when I suddenly left town to be with family and Tyson was left to bring order to our home before house sitters arrived.

This year it happened while I’ve been sick with a major cold that left me in bed for two weeks.  Maintaining everything triggered Tyson’s organization mode and I watched from the sofa and occasionally offered an, “I’ve been meaning to get to that”.

So it’s time for some accountability.  I don’t know if I’ll every completely give up my crazy ways, but in an effort to tackle these long overdue areas in our home, I will be adding an organizational feature to the blog.  Each week you can follow along with a simple project to help bring order to home chaos.

To kick us off, I thought I’d start with something simple… a little kitchen drawer organization.  Seriously… our silverware drawer is about the only space that has any semblance of order.  Every other kitchen drawer needs some major help.

Messy Kitchen Drawer |

Step 1 – Clear it out.  Starting with an empty space allows you to really evaluate everything as you put it back.

Step 2 – Purge what you don’t use.  Let’s get real here… if it’s not getting used regularly, it’s just clutter.  Let it go!

Organize Kitchen Utensils | Storypiece.netStep 3 – Determine what you’ll need to keep everything in place.  This isn’t always the same for everyone so decide what works best for you.  We discussed the style of drawer organizer we would be getting and we liked the idea of an Expandable Bamboo Utensil Tray that compliments the one we use for our flatware.

Step 4 – Measure.  Know what space you have and need to work within before heading to the store.  Getting ill-fitting pieces will limit the good habits trying to be established.

Supplies for Kitchen Drawer Organizer |

Step 5 – Pull it all together.  Pick-up what you might need and set it all up.  This probably goes without saying, but for a procrastinating girl like myself, even organization systems can sit in a pile waiting to be taken care of.

Organized Kitchen Drawer | Storypiece.netViola! One drawer down, a gazillion more spaces to go.  I cannot even express how happy this made my man.

I kinda like it too.

You may have noticed that there is a lot less in this drawer than I started with.  Some of it truly was clutter that need to be donated and some will be getting re-organized with the baking items.  I have a feeling this is going to escalate quickly.

Kitchen Organizer |

Now it’s your turn. You didn’t think I’d leave you out did you? I want to hear what organization challenge you might be tackling soon.  Be sure to follow Storypiece on Facebook and we will discussing what everyone is organizing each week.  Let’s hold each other accountable for ways to breathe fresh life into our homes… into our junk drawers and into our crazy closets.

So what is your definition of clean?  Are you an organizer or a deep cleaner? What organizing challenge will you be taking on first?  A pantry, coat closet or guest room bookshelf?  I may have just given away some of the areas we’ll be reigning in over the next few weeks.

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    • Danielle says:

      I seriously recommend the adjustable bamboo organizer. It’s a little spendy, but it’s completely customizable and very durable. Totally worth it!

  1. Gilit says:

    Pre-kids, I was the organized deep cleaner! Now I’m…. well…. there aren’t PILES of dirt hanging around so I guess that’s a win?

    • Danielle says:

      Total win! Plus, if you have piles of anything hanging around, I’m sure it’s of the glitter variety which is truly at it’s best when it’s disorganized and sprinkled EVERYWHERE! 🙂

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