Dining Room Makeover – Before

If you follow me on social media then you already know that we recently added a new dining table to our home.  I shouted it from the rooftops (or Facebook) when I ordered our new dining room seating and here is the sexy sneak peek of the table that I shared on Instagram:

Dining Room Makeover | Storypiece.net

But before I get into the full reveal of what we purchased and all that went into the decision making process, I want to give you a little backstory on my heart for dining tables.

True confessions…. for much of my childhood we did not have a dining table. We lived in a small ranch home that didn’t have room for one and to be quite honest, I never thought twice about it. We had dinner every night… the fact that it wasn’t around a formal dining table or even in a separate dining room just didn’t cross my mind.

It wasn’t until my parents divorced and we had our first Thanksgiving with my future step-dad that I realized how cool it was to gather around a table for dinner.

Oak Dining Table - Before | Storypiece.net

I know it sounds like I’d never eaten at a dining table before and that’s not the case. It’s just that this particular dinner was special. It was only my grandparents and our immediate family for this holiday, having an intimate celebration of all that we were thankful for.

It left an impression.

A short time later when Tyson and I got married, we inherited this very same dining table.

We’ve enjoyed our oak table for over 23 years and it has seen us through countless events. We’ve literally had thousands of conversations at this table. We’ve enjoyed family game nights, carved pumpkins, and even recently signed the papers to sell our home around this table. Big family gatherings and everyday meals… it has been well loved.

And by well loved I mean that it also had staple gun marks from upholstery projects, paint and stain that were never coming off, burn marks from hot pizza boxes that were placed on it, and warped wood from glass condensation.

Vintage Oak Dining Table | Storypiece.net


Distressed Oak Dining Table | Storypiece.net

The oak finish was never my taste and I have been wanting to paint it for awhile. By the time that we decided to move, it was also decided that a completely new dining table was in order.

We posted the dining table on Craigslist and the family that took it home… well the momma was so excited, I’m confident that it will continue to be well loved.

Oak Dining Table - Before | Storypiece.net

Before moving in to our new place, we painted many of the main living areas where the bulk of our furniture would be. However, since I knew there wouldn’t be any furniture immediately in the dining room, we left this portion to paint after moving in.

Dining Room Makeover - Before | Storypiece.net

Our dining area and kitchen are in one large, open space with the walls painted a mocha brown. Although we had a very similar color in our last house, I’m changing the overall palette in our new one. I’ll share more about that with you next week.

I also promised Tyson that I would finish one project before starting something new and since we left the dining area like this after our last painting session, I needed to make good on my word.

Dining Room Update - Before | Storypiece.net

Bottom line…. The mocha had to go before the new dining table could arrive.

Dining Room - Before | Storypiece.net

Seriously, it never ceases to amaze me what a fresh coat of paint can do for a space. The new neutral color is so clean and completely lightens my mood. But honestly… why does it have to take FOR-EVER to tape everything off before you can paint?!

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, but for me, I think it’s the dining room. It’s the place our family gathers, works, eats, and just hangs out. It’s where we do life as a family and with friends.

Dining Room Makeover | Storypiece.net

Stop back by on Friday to see how the new dining room turned out.

Do you have a dining area that you love? Where do you spend the most time with your family? What is something that you didn’t do growing up, but can’t imagine going without now?