How to Find Your Style in a New Home

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been in our new home for almost three months! And now that the boxes are unpacked and we are settling in, I feel like I can take a minute to tell you a bit about our latest life transition.

With our recent move, Tyson and I took the opportunity to re-evaluate what we like stylistically in our home. Our new house has “great bones” and doesn’t require a lot of upgrades or improvements. After more than 15 years of updating a very basic home, this was a HUGE draw for us. But we want to embrace a fresher look in our new place.

Here are some of the key things we are considering as we move forward:


They say that paint is the easiest way to update the look of a space, but we were having a hard time justifying re-painting rooms (especially the larger ones) in our old house when we had other unfinished and pressing projects (like updating the kitchen) that needed to be addressed. However, with our new space, we feel more freedom to break out the paint rollers out and try something new… especially since most of the house is covered in a mocha brown, creamy buttercream or rusty orange.

Mocha Brown Kitchen |

Butter Cream Or Pewter Gray |

Painted Family Room Before |

In determining a new palette, first, we knew what we didn’t want. We had a lot of browns and rich, bold colors in our last house (which I love!) but I was eager to embrace more neutrals and grays that are so on point right now. With lighter walls, I can incorporate bold color accessories that will be even easier to change out when I’m ready for an update.

For those that are interested, we are painting the majority of our living area Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. It is a very neutral gray that we are finding pairs well with everything.

Dining Room Redesign |

Secondly we are exploring more of what “speaks” to us. I already knew that I wanted more grays and nautral finishes, but what else? For that, I took a look at my favorite blogs and pins from Pinterest. I could quickly see the things that really resonate with me the most. It’s colors that are crisp, fresh and overall have an easy vibe. I can’t get enough of indigos and warmer blues right now and they play well with pops of bright color. 

Indigo Decor | Storypiece.netCONSIDERING FURNISHINGS

The other thing we are taking into consideration is the furniture that we brought in the move. We downsized our space so we were very intentional about the things that could come with us. The fact of the matter was that not everything would fit so we moved only the pieces that we hardcore love and sold or donated the rest.

This left us with some solid traditional furnishings, most of which are pieces that we’ve purchased in the last few years and already compliment each other. They are intermixed with some antique items that we’ve inherited and everything is pretty neutral which lends itself to a lot of flexibility.

Mixing Home Furnishings |

Once you’ve done an evaluation of what you have and what you need, it’s easy to add new furnishings for the space.

How to Use Neutral Palettes in Your Home |


I’m honestly surprised by how much of what we used to decorate in our old house is not working in our new. It’s seriously like having a new boyfriend that doesn’t get your old jokes.

Staging Decor Items |

Again, we only moved the items that we LOVE and I’m still trying to decide where everything should go. I’ve found that displaying most of these pieces made the space feel cluttered and closed off, so I’ve boxed much of them up for now. As we live here and our style evolves, it may be time to say good-bye to even some of these adored items.

Decorating In A New Home |


I started Storypiece as a place to discuss the story behind the pieces in the home. However, I’m finding that each home has a unique story to tell too. And it’s important to be open to experiencing that. If we try to do exactly what we did in every home that we live in, the space will feel stagnant.

It’s taking us time to find our groove here, but with each new update, it’s feeling like home in fresh and unexpected ways. With the upheaval of moving to somewhere new, it’s easy to want to rush to having everything done. But time allows you the beauty of getting to know a home and what it will look like for you and your family.

What has been your experience in decorating a new home? Did you find it easy to change things up? Which design trend are you most excited about right now?




  1. Bobbi says:

    In the photo showing the old & new paint color- is that new color the Revere pewter or a different color? I have a light gray throughout part of my home & have been looking for a suttle blue-gray to accent with. in your photo it looks more blue like I’m wanting so thought I’d ask! Can’t believe it’s already been 3 months, I’ve lived following along with your new journey 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      The new paint color is the Revere Pewter. It’s a true gray with some blue undertones and we are finding that it works well against everything that we pair it with. This photo may be picking up a bit more blue from the light hitting the glass in front, but I like the pic because it shows a nice contrast of what we have and where we are going. I’d be curious to hear if you end up trying the Revere Pewter, so please keep me posted.

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