Georgian Doorknobs

If you spend any time online or with social media, it’s pretty safe to say that what you see is often not the reality of what’s going on behind the scenes. Couples fight. Kids act out. Often what’s beyond that well manicured photo is a mound of laundry or sink full of dirty dishes.

It’s life with all its imperfections.

All of the pretty posting gets a bad wrap because it’s not “real life” and many talk about the need to be more “authentic” with what they share online. (On an ironic side note… does anyone else feel like that word “authentic” is becoming the least authentic word EVER?!) In fact, some of my favorite bloggers revealed behind the scenes photos this week in an effort to reveal a little more of what goes on behind the blogging curtain. This post is in no way a commentary on what they (or anyone else) shared and was actually written and scheduled last week.

For me, my hope is that I inspire and encourage you through what I share online. Our lives are by no means perfect and I like to share an honest snapshot of life when it benefits the story. What I’m learning and my continual struggle to overcome procrastination and perfectionism are a part of that story. My mess and chaos may not be.

However, today’s tale involves a little behind the scenes confession.

Last year I wrote a post about our new doorknobs. I showed these beauties off and talked about the importance of adding those little finishing touches to your home.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Knobs |

But truth be told… we only installed one doorknob.

Georgian-doorknobs by

The remaining doors down the hall needed to be primed and painted, trim needed to be caulked and painted. There was so much to do… adding the doorknobs before taking care of everything else felt like putting lipstick on a pig.

Unfinished-doors by

Instead, my procrastinating self found other fun things to do and the doorknobs were stored in the garage until I could get to the other projects. Fast forward to selling our house and the embarrassing amount of things that were left undone before listing it. And while packing up the garage, my husband came across the doorknobs.

Schlage Door Knobs |

Did I still want them?

Ornate Door Knobs |

Heck ya!

Our new home is completely stocked with gold levers. Stylistically, I don’t have an issue with them.

Gold Lever Doorknobs |

However, I have a special talent for walking into them or snagging things on them.

It’s a gift really.

Gold Levers |

After acquiring two significant bruises, it was time to bust out the new Georgian doorknobs.

Oil-rubbed Bronze Georgian Doorknobs |

And I’m proud to say they are installed in our new house!

Update Doors with New Doorknobs |

We had to order a few more to do the entire place and they’ve just arrived and need to be installed. The nice thing about living in a smaller place is that storage is at a premium and they will be installed in the next few days just to get them out of the way.

Also, in the interest of being completely transparent, we still need to change out all of our exterior doors.

Doorknobs - An Inexpensive Update to Your Home |

But I’ve got new doorknobs everywhere else and I couldn’t be happier!

Georgian Doorknob |

My favorite design elements are always in the small details and these doorknobs are no exception.

Update Doors with Georgian Doorknobs |

I had thought about spray painting the original gold knob that was on the hall closet door, but then I remembered these drawer knobs that Tyson got me for Christmas.

Isn’t it dreamy?!

Alternative Uses for Drawer Pulls |

And these ornate Georgian Doorknobs were going to go on the French doors of our master bedroom in the last house. However, they now adorn each of the new bedroom doors throughout our current home.

Georgian Doorknob |

Although we are just now enjoying the new doorknobs, I stand by my original opinion that making a simple change like updating your doorknobs can be an inexpensive way to freshen your space and make it feel more like home.

Update Doors with New Doorknobs |

What have you been putting off that you’ve finally taken care of? Have you made any small updates that had big impact? Does the word “authentic” make anyone else’s skin crawl?




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