Welcome Guests with a Delightful Little Halloween Sign

Like any creative, when I head out to the craft store for one thing, I often come home with several additional items that I may (or most likely not) have a plan for.

Case in point… here is my haul from a recent trip for fabric to complete my “Love You More” pillow:

Craft Supplies | Storypiece.net

In my defense, I do have plans for 6 of the 9 items pictured. However, much to my husband’s dismay, there’s always a few EXTRA things that make it home with me… especially when I cruise the clearance section at said craft store. The potential for a new project AND at a deeply discounted rate… well, step right into my cart!

Last fall I found a wood board and script letters in the clearance area of my local craft store and I quickly snatched them up with no real plan. But after a little brainstorming and a stroll around Pinterest, I knew that I had the makings for a “spooktacular” greeting.

Halloween Sign with Googly Eyes | Storypiece.net

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own Halloween Door Sign:

Googly Eye Supplies | Storypiece.net

Paint your board in a base color. For this project I chose black chalkboard spray paint.

Halloween Craft with Googly Eyes | Storypiece.net

Once dry, glue on the eyeballs.

Googly Eye Halloween Craft | Storypiece.net

There is nothing more therapeutic than spending a rainy afternoon gluing down a variety of googly eyes while you listen to music or watch a movie.

Halloween Door Sign | Storypiece.net

For the wood letters, I used my favorite Metallic Lustre in Copper Kettle to finger paint on a gorgeous shimmer. If you haven’t worked with this paint before, I share a basic “how-to” HERE.

Copper Kettle Metallic Lustre | Storypiece.net

Glue the letters to the decorated wood board and add ribbon.

Whimsical Halloween Welcome Sign | Storypiece.net

When it comes to Halloween, I definitely prefer mine whimsical rather than gory. If it’s between Caspar and The Exorcist, I’m going friendly ghost every time. And this welcome sign fits in perfectly with that Halloween décor philosophy.

Halloween Welcome Sign | Storypiece.netHalloween Front Door Decor | Storypiece.net

Because who wouldn’t want to trick or treat at a house with a thousand googly eyes?

Halloween Sign with Googly Eyes | Storypiece.net

Halloween Googly Eye Door Sign | Storypiece.net

**This post contains affiliate links. Many of the supplies listed can be found at your local craft or fabric store, but the links have been provide for your convenience in recreating this project.**

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