How to Make a Glass Etched Jack-o-lantern

As much as I love the cute and whimsical nature of a Halloween jack-o-lantern, one of my least favorite things to do is to carve one. They are the very definition of messy and no matter how carefully we prepare, that orange stringy goop ends up EVERYWHERE!

Aside from my family’s passion for pumpkin carving and the amazing roasted pumpkin seeds that result from it, I could pass on the whole tradition.

So, if you’re like me and on the hunt for alternatives to traditional jack-o-lanterns, then today’s craft is for you.

Glass Jack-o-lantern |

Bust out your glass etching cream because this Halloween jack-o-lantern is mess free and will last for countless seasons.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Glass-etched Jack-o-lantern Supplies |

Tape off your jack-o-lantern face

Jack-o-lantern Design |

You can let your imagination go wild and come up with any style face that inspires you. I went with a traditional Halloween design. Jack-o-lanterns are very forgiving and the less perfect they are, the more charm they have.

Create Your Own Glass Etched Jack-o-lantern |

Tip: A large roll of tape is also perfect for cradling a round object like a rose bowl. Just set your bowl inside the center of the tape roll with your work surface facing up.

Apply glass etching cream

Easy Halloween Craft with Glass Etching Cream |

Follow the manufacturers’ directions and apply the etching cream to your glass. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area and be cautious to not get any of the cream on your skin.

Does anyone else think this little glass jack-o-lantern is taking on a mummy like quality?


But not for long…

Remove cream and tape

Once the cream has set for about 5 minutes, carefully wipe off the excess, remove tape and thoroughly rinse your glass.

Glass can be a challenge to photograph so I’m sharing the finished results with some dark fillers.

DIY Halloween Jack-o-lantern |

A black boa makes this little jack-o-lantern look like Wilson from the movie Castaway.

Glass Etched Jack-o-lantern |

Ultimately, I’ll be filling my jack-o-lantern with candy.

Cute Jack-o-lantern Alternative |

If you work in an office, this project is a simple and elegant trick to display a little Halloween decor and you’re sure to have co-workers stopping by your desk for a mid-afternoon treat.

Jack-o-lantern Candy Dish |

**This post contains affiliate links. Many of the supplies listed can be found at your local craft or fabric store, but the links have been provide for your convenience in recreating this project.**

Glass Halloween Jack-o-lantern |

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