How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

Today’s Tales from the Kitchen is inspired by my not so recent Easter Bunny treats post. You may remember that my first attempt at hand-dipping Oreos in chocolate proved to be… well, let’s just say it was a good learning opportunity. All those online videos make it look SO EASY!

And it is easy… sort of.

There were a few tricks that I learned the first time around which you can read about HERE. And when I came across Firework Oreos, I knew it was time to give hand-dipped Oreos another go.How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

Turns out there were a few more things for me to learn about this cookie dipping process.

First off, you should know that this isn’t a sponsored post. (It does however, contain affiliate links) I’m just a total sucker for limited edition flavor snacks. If they come out with a funky flavor, I’ve gotta try it. The Firework Oreos are traditional Oreos with Pop Rocks in the cream center.

What?! I KNOW!!

You should also know that I’m probably the only kid in human history that HATED Pop Rocks. All that crackling inside your mouth is still too weird for me. But I do think it’s a brilliant limited edition flavor idea by Oreo. My son says they taste like traditional Oreos with a bit of a candy flavoring. And since most of the popping happens as you are finishing the cookie, he felt like he was more likely to eat them slowly.

If you can’t find Firework Oreos, this treat will work with regular Oreos too.

DIY Patriotic Chocolate Covered Oreos

Supplies for Patriotic Chocolate Covered Oreos

**This post contains affiliate links. Many of the supplies listed can be found at your local craft or grocery store, but the links have been provide for your convenience in recreating this project.**

How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

DO NOT Use a Cooling Rack.

I read a tutorial that recommended placing wax paper under a cooling rack to put your dipped cookies on. I discovered AFTER snapping all of my photos that this will strip most of the chocolate off the backside of your cookies. All those little grid holes fill up with chocolate adhering your new treat to the cooling rack like nobody’s business.

Plus it makes you want to say bad words when you have to clean the cooling rack.

How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

I HIGHLY recommend placing your dipped cookies directly onto wax paper which can easily be peeled away from the cookies once the chocolate hardens.

Melt Chocolate

How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

You can melt your chocolate in the microwave following the instructions on the packaging. However, I prefer to use a double boiler method on the stove top. I find it gives me more control over the melting process, keeping the chocolate in a liquid form while not over cooking it.

For Patriotic Oreo Cookies you’ll want to dip a batch of cookies in royal blue candy melts and a second batch in bright white candy melts.

Fork Things Over

Begin by inserting a fork in the cream filling to dunk the cookie into the melted chocolate.

How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

It’s important to note that your bowl will have a lot of heat coming off of it so you will need to work quickly. The longer the cookie is in the warm chocolate, the faster the cream center will soften causing cookie separation. You DO NOT want cookie separation.

How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

I ultimately used the fork to quickly place the cookie into the cookie, flip it and scoop it out.

How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

Can I just take a proud mama moment to thank my daughter for snapping those last two photos while I tried to juggle cookies and chocolate? She did an amazing job!

Back to the cookies…

Take a Quick Dip – In & Out

You want to get full cookie coverage without messing too much with the chocolate. I found the more I tried to “help” get even chocolate coverage, the worse things got.

Decorate & Cool

How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

Use a butter knife to slide your dipped cookie onto wax paper (NOT the cooling rack as shown above). If you are decorating with any sprinkles, this is the time to add them before the chocolate sets.

For Patriotic Oreos, add edible silver stars to the blue hand-dipped Oreos.

How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

You will also use red piping gel to add stripes to the white hand-dipped Oreos.

How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

I still have more to learn about chocolate dipped Oreos, but I’m determined (DETERMINED I TELL YOU!!) to get this right. Stay tuned…How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos
How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

Until then I did find that cute decorations cover a multitude of sins. And frankly we are talking about chocolate dipped Oreos here… even the ones that aren’t “Pinterest worthy” are still pretty tasty. How to Make DIY Chocolate Covered Oreos

Have you tried the new Firework Oreos? Did you like Pop Rocks as a kid? Any tips you want to share for hand-dipped chocolate covered Oreos? Leave them in the comments below.