A Quick Guide to Beautiful Storage Solutions You’ll Love

While considering what we would need for styling our recently built bookcases (if you missed that, you can read about them HERE) I looked at a ton of storage options. I knew we would need to hide items that we don’t access every day, but I wanted whatever storage we ended up with to be stylish as well. After much window shopping, I discovered I was able to pull from items that we already own. My husband and our budget are thankful for my resourcefulness, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few things that have caught my eye. In fact, now I’m eager to get a little more organizing done with some of there beautiful storage solutions.

If you are looking for functional decor or unique storage options, here are 7 of my favorite ideas:

A Quick Guide to Beautiful Storage Solutions You'll Love

A Quick Guide to Beautiful Storage Solutions You’ll Love

But first some business… This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase any of these storage solutions by clicking on one of the links below, I receive compensation which supports this blog. There’s no obligation to click or buy, but I wanted you to know before why dive in.

Beautiful Storage Solutions

1. Baskets

Baskets are an obvious choice, but I’m kinda picky when it comes to them. If you are using baskets for storage, it’s a good idea to invest a little bit more and get something that is higher quality and will LAST. Make sure that the basket itself feels sturdy and consider a tighter weave that has more of a luxe feel.

When selecting baskets, choose ones in a color that compliments other elements (paint, fabrics, and woods) in your room. Mix and match the style of basket, but once you’ve made a decision on a color, it’s a good idea to stick to it unless you are intentionally going for an eclectic feel.

2. Magazine Holders

In addition to storing magazines, these holders are great for corralling small books and/or lots of loose papers. I’m also partial to these IKEA options because they are completely customizable. I’m trying to decide how I want to makeover the ones I’m using in the bookcase, but you can see how I finished one for recipes in my kitchen by clicking HERE. It’s one of my favorite storage pieces.

3. Decorative Jars

Storage doesn’t have to be so utilitarian. Choose decorative jars or bowls that can round-up small items and still look gorgeous on your shelf.

4. Trays

Speaking of corralling things… I could do an entire post on decorative trays and their many fabulous uses. Trays have a long history of being able to easily anchor smaller items in a beautiful way.

This “Cheers” tray makes my heart all kinds of happy.

5. Card Catalogs

Recently I’ve started brainstorming ideas for all of my cross-stitch and needlework supplies. What I currently have is not working and I’m wanting something that’s functional and stylish. My favorite option of the moment is a card catalog. All of the little drawers would be a great option for thread storage. If you’ve got a hobby with a lot of small parts, this is an amazing solution to consider.

6. Galvanized Metal Boxes

You may have noticed in my bookcase styling post that we have several galvanized metal boxes used throughout. We picked up ours at IKEA several years ago for my husband’s studio and have since repurposed them into our home. These metal boxes are super versatile and made to last.

7. Vintage Suitcases

When we were first married, Tyson had a vintage suitcase that he had received from his grandparents. I’m still kicking myself that we got rid of it. Antique suitcases are a stylish way to store items that you may not need to access often and even empty, they are gorgeous decorative items.

What are you currently loving for storage? Do you have a unique storage solution that I’ve missed? If you could only buy one, which of these would make the top of your list? Share your suggestions in the comments below.