The Ultimate Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift Basket

November is upon us and that means the holiday season is just around the corner. Truth be told I’m one of those crazy individuals that does her Christmas shopping all year long. It’s not that I can’t keep my purchasing to December, but I LOVE giving gifts. And being budget minded, if I see something that reminds me of a friend or family member, I’ll pick it up and put it away for Christmas… even if it’s in the middle of March.

That being said, one of my favorite gifts to put together is a good themed basket. One present with oodles of items to enjoy around one topic… you’re not just giving a gift, you’re giving an experience.

And this year’s themed gift basket is dedicated to my beginning cross-stitch friends.

The Ultimate Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift Basket

How to Make Create The Ultimate Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift Basket

The idea behind this basket is to fill it with items that will allow a beginning cross-stitcher to dive right in with a project. Everything is packed into one gift to get started immediately.

**This post contains affiliate links. Many of the supplies listed can be found at your local craft store, but the links have been provide for your convenience in recreating this project**

Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift Basket

The Basket

The Ultimate Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift Basket

Pick-up a sturdy basket that can be used as your container for the gift. Then the recipient can use it to store cross-stitch supplies in after. Here’s a similar basket option.

Aida Cloth

The Ultimate Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift Basket

Aida comes in a variety of colors and it’s nice to have several options on hand when you are customizing a project. I typically gravitate towards white or linen, but you can see a fun example of a project done in navy HERE.

My personal favorites are Aidas that come in rolls like HERE, HERE and HERE or ready to stitch on bars like HERE.

Other Stitchable Surfaces

The Ultimate Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift Basket

Cross-stitch has come a loooooong way in the last few years and there are tons of great items to stitch on. Pick-up a few stitchable cuffs (HERE), punched cardstock, or journals (HERE) to stuff your basket with.

Embroidery Hoops

The Ultimate Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift Basket

Probably the number one thing that keeps me from getting started on a project is not having the right size hoop. Give several different sizes so that your stitcher can avoid this issue. You can purchase plastic hoops (HERE) or wooden (HERE).


The Ultimate Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift Basket

The older I become, the smaller those holes seem to get. I may look like an old lady using it, but I LOVE having a magnifier available. Select one that includes a light for when the lighting may not be ideal for stitching. This is similar to the one I use HERE.


The Ultimate Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift Basket

I’ve written about my favorite Cross-stitching Basics HERE, but every stitching kit absolutely needs needles (HERE), scissors (HERE), and a needle threader (HERE). These should be kept in your cross-stitching kit and not allowed to wander off. (I’m looking at you, scissors)


The Ultimate Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift Basket

Make sure there is floss in the basket and plenty of it. It’s doesn’t matter which color… they are all fantastic. HERE is a 100 skein floss pack that would be super fun to receive.

Floss Holder

The Ultimate Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift Basket

Offer a way to organize all of that floss with a StitchBow Floss Holder. It keeps all that pretty floss from becoming a jumbly mess too.


Last but not least, you want to include some patterns. You can grab a pattern book from your local craft store or you can offer a subscription to my weekly pattern email. That’s right! Your favorite stitcher can get 52 weekly emails with a simple to complete pattern for FREE.

Since no one wants to be unknowingly subscribed to an email list (even for a gift), I’ve designed a card for you to include with instructions on how to subscribe. Print this off and include it in your gift for the ultimate cross-stitch basket.

Click HERE to get the subscription card

Not sure you want to give a subscription? You can pick-up a beginners cross-stitch kit from my Etsy store. These are patterns that you’ll find as a part of the previously mentioned subscription, but they’ve been packaged into an all in one kit. Click HERE to visit my Etsy shop to see what’s available.

The Ultimate Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift BasketThe Ultimate Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift Basket

When do you begin your holiday shopping? Do you give themed gift baskets? What are you hoping Santa will bring you this year? Let me hear your wishlist in the comments below.

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The Ultimate Beginning Cross-Stitcher Gift Basket


  1. vrmm26 says:

    I did a lot of cross stitch as a much younger person, before kids entered the scene! This would be a fun gift to receive to get back into the craft. Visiting from Handmade Holidays.

  2. Toni | Small Home Soul says:

    What a great gift idea. My mom loves needlework but so far I haven’t attempted it. But I’d surely need that awesome magnifying glass, heck I need it now for some regular projects I work on 🙂

  3. Rebecca says:

    I love this gift basket! I like giving my kids things they can do and make, instead of just more stuff. This would be perfect. I never knew there were journals and bracelets that you could decorate with cross-stitch. How fun.

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