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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved art.  I started off studying Graphic Design in college, before shifting gears and earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development, getting married and ultimately becoming a stay at home mom.

However, I’ve never been able to leave my creative roots far behind.  When our family moved to Portland, Oregon, we fell in love with the house we purchased because we saw it as a “blank canvas” with lots of possibilities.  This was the first time I turned my attention toward artistic expression in the home and I have continued to paint, craft, and sew my way through any project we seem to dream up.

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9 years ago, I had the opportunity to develop my own business working with interior designers and private clients to provide custom made items for the home.  And along the way, I have discovered a deepening passion for the story of the items I come across… wanting to learn the history of where the piece came from and it’s importance to the individual that owns it.

I believe that a home should be filled with things that are not only useful and beautiful, but ultimately, it should be an authentic reflection of the people that live there and their story.

But what about you?

One of my very favorite things about blogging is connecting with the people that take a moment to stop and read my creative ramblings. I get a kick out of hearing your stories and if you try something that you saw on Storypiece, I seriously want to know all about it.

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  1. agoodehouse says:

    Thanks for following my blog. I really love your “story”. As someone who’s collected for years and loves their home… I couldn’t agree more. Your home should say something about you the minute someone opens the door and walks in. Can’t wait to see/read more as I follow you too!

  2. Grace says:

    I totally agree. My challenge is to be able to create an artistic twist to those “us” pieces. I’m following your blog for inspiration. 🙂

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