Unique Gift Wrap

Unique Gift Wrap | Storypiece.net

Last week while getting my haircut, I was chatting with my stylist about something or other when she suddenly stated, “Oh my goodness… why are you creating another project for yourself?!” And then we laughed and laughed because after 10+ years together, she should know the answer to that.

It’s what I do.

Case in point… when faced with a challenging gift to wrap, I will in fact come up with an even more complicated way to wrap it.

It’s what I do.

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Movie Night: Elf

Smiling's My Favorite | Storypiece.net

Last week’s movie night didn’t go quite as planned. I had barely pushed “publish” on the post when my husband mentioned he was meeting up with a friend and wouldn’t be home for it. Then my son called to tell me that he had just finished his paper for English and in it argued why White Christmas is the WORST holiday movie EVER!

I don’t even know what to say.

Where do you begin with a statement like that about one of your seasonal favorites. Seriously… that’s a pretty tall statement considering there are A LOT of bad Christmas movies out there!


That’s just the reality of blogging, folks… people (even your family) surprise you and sometimes what you see on the screen doesn’t end up going down the way you might think.  But I refuse to let that derail this little series and this week’s movie night is sure to be a success. How could it not… we’ll be watching Elf.

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Holiday Hostess Gifts

Holiday Hostess Gifts | Storypiece.net

Over the last few months of working at a winery, I’ve been introduced to an amazing new wine and I’m planning on giving out several bottles this Christmas season. Wine is a great hostess gift and it’s perfect to have on hand for a last minute gift exchange.  No one wants to find themselves in that dreaded “oh… you got me something and I have nothing for you” predicament. I know that’s not what gift giving is suppose to be about, but let’s face it… when you’re in the situation, it’s always awkward.

Since luck favors the prepared, here’s a no-sew wine wrap for that bottle you’ll be taking to your next gift exchange or holiday party.

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Movie Night: White Christmas

White Christmas Party Ideas | Storypiece.netIf you’ve been around this blog for a while or simply know our family, it’s no secret that we have a deep love for holiday movies. It’s simply not Christmas without at least one viewing of some of our favorites. Truth be told, the other 11 months of the year, we aren’t big TV watchers. But this time of year you will find us gathered by the fire with some festive treats and a Christmas classic.

Tonight we will be kicking things off with a White Christmas movie night.

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Toffee Cookie Tips and Tricks

Best Toffee Cookies | Storypiece.netDuring my first year of blogging I shared a story and the recipe for a family favorite: The Best Toffee Cookies Ever!  I wrote up the story, snapped a few photos and proudly posted what would surely become a huge favorite for your family too.

You’re welcome.

Since that time, I’ve received questions and comments regarding these cookies that made me think it might be good to revisit the topic.  And since I’ve also learned a ton about photography in the last two years (and the original photos are extremely cringeworthy) I knew it was time for an update.

Christmas Cookie Recipes | Storypiece.net

With the holiday baking season upon us, let’s take a look at some of my tips and tricks for making The Best Toffee Cookies Ever!  You can find the original recipe and horrifying photos here.

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