10 Quick and Easy After School Snacks Kids Will Love

When my kids were little, my favorite time of day was after school. I loved being there when they got off the bus and hearing every detail of their day over a snack. I wanted to find out about the academics, their friends, the best parts, the worst parts… I wanted to know all the stuff that was going on in their world. We would have these talks over fresh baked cookies and over April Fool’s Day pranks. Seriously… these times are some of my absolute best memories!

Now that my kids are both in college, I still try to make time for these talks. When they get home from classes or working a long shift, I like to have something to eat waiting and shut off any distractions so I can hear about their day. I know that I don’t have too many more seasons of this and I’m savoring every conversation.

There’s something so bonding about sitting down to eat and sharing about your day. With back to school just around the corner, I’ve asked some of my blogging friends to share their quick and easy after school snacks that kids love.