Closet Storage

Top Shelf Storage Ideas |

Happy Monday!  I’m back with another weekly organization tip.  I’m happy to report that our kitchen drawer organizer is working amazingly well and I love catching the smile on Tyson’s face when he opens the drawer and sees a place for everything and everything in it’s place.

This week, I want to take a look at some closet storage solutions.  We recently inherited this gorgeous antique dresser.

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Easter Theme Baskets for Teens

Teen Gift Basket Ideas |

To go along with the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt that I have planned for this year, I’m beginning to brainstorm Easter basket ideas.  Even though my kids are teenagers, the excitement of finding a little something special left for them Easter morning has not diminished.  And this year, I decided to come up with themed Easter baskets that are specifically suited to my kids.

The beauty of putting together a theme Easter baskets is that it can go a lot of different ways.  This by no means is a comprehensive list… just some things that have caught my eye.

So here are my picks for teens that may have outgrown bubbles and crayons, but not Easter baskets.

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Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Easter Scavenger Hunt |

Easter (like Christmas) is very important around here because of it’s spiritual significance. However, the holiday is also filled with fun family traditions that my kids still love.  The baskets, the egg dying, the Easter egg hunt, the chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs…  Sure they’re teenagers so there is no mystery behind a magical bunny delivering all the goods, but they still dig the festivities nonetheless.

Easter Carnival | Storypiece.netThis year will most likely be our last Easter with Evan for a while.   With our son heading to college, I’m continually aware of how different things are going to be and so I want to make this Easter a memorable one. When I heard about an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt, I knew I’d come across the perfect solution for my teens.

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Kitchen Drawer Organization

Kitchen Drawer Organizers |

Let’s talk about organization.  I love all things systematic and orderly.  Closet organizers, drawer organizers, a place for everything… it’s all a beautiful thing.

And I’ve been blessed to be married to a man that lives by this mantra and helps out around the house a lot.

I mean… A LOT.

Not only is he great with the kids and willing to make a grocery run, but he’s been known to help (on a regular basis) with the dishes and laundry too.

Seriously… he’s kinda the best.

However, when it comes to the topic of cleaning, Tyson and I have very different definitions of what clean looks like.  For me… I’m a perfectionist and although I love things to be organized, I’m the gal that leaves countless piles of stuff around the house.  I’ll pick up a pile and move it to dust underneath, but the pile itself doesn’t bother me.  It’s full of potential.  It represents something that’s gonna get done and bring so much satisfaction… Nothing to sweat about.

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Easter Decor

Spring Decor 2014 |

Last week was Tyson’s birthday and the man of the hour picked dinner at one of his favorite restaurants to celebrate.  I don’t know about you, but we have a handful of places we like to eat at and they are all near each other.

Also they all happen to be next to our local Cost Plus World Market and we ALWAYS end up there after dining out.  Tyson finds an exotic beer to try, Evan finds an unusual soda to try, Tess picks out a sweet treat from a distant land and I wander the aisles looking at all the latest decor.

I have to say that I am seriously loving all of the spring decor that is hitting the CostPlus shelves and since my wish list is infinitely greater than my pocket book, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you here.

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