Make a Revolutionary Statement with this Easy Patriotic Accessory

If you are subscribed to my free weekly cross-stitch pattern, then you already know that I’m loving all of the stitching products that are currently hitting the market. There are TONS of new items that have been designed to make creating beautiful and unique cross-stitch easier than ever. In the subscription I’ve featured gift tags, bookmarks, earrings, and metal charms that can all be stitched on. However, the one piece that has quickly become a favorite of mine is the leather cuff.

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When it comes to jewelry, I’m rarely without a bracelet, bangle or cuff. I’ve been known to absent-mindedly walk out of the house without my wedding ring, but not without some arm candy. So my heart got all giddy when I discovered faux leather cuffs that you can stitch on. These cuffs come in several colors and allow you to come up with any design that suits your mood and/or wardrobe. And this summer I’m most fond of the white leather cuff. There’s something fun, but still classic about it as the weather heats up.

If you are looking for a revolutionary accessory to wear this 4th of July, I’ve got the perfect patriotic cuff.