Fashion Influences: Metallic Decor

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A few months ago I had a conversation with someone about why a home design blogger like myself follows fashion.

It was a fair question.

Personally, I like to keep up on the latest fashion trends, but I am in no way considered a fashion guru.  If I have extra cash to spend, you will find me reviewing my home decor wish list before you’ll find me trying on a fabulous pair of boots.  And I do love me some fabulous boots.

But the truth of the matter is what you see strutting down the catwalk influences what you’ll be seeing strutting across your favorite interior design magazines.  In the past, it has taken a season or two for the fashion influence to reach home decor, but in this highly technical world, that window is getting smaller.

So with NYC Spring Fashion Week just wrapping up, l am launching a new series: Fashion Influences in Home Decor.  There are several hot looks on the horizon…. some are new and some have been around but are only going to intensify.

For this first week and in honor of the 86th Academy Awards this Sunday, let’s look at Metallics.

Metallic Decor Trends |

Although silver has been big for a while and gold started gaining ground last year, the spectrum of metallic textures is going to explode.  Shiny or matte gold, bronze or copper, metallics can be mixed into any decor style for a fresh twist.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, some of my blogging friends have generously agreed to let me share examples of their work with you here.

**Please note: if you choose to add their work to Pinterest, please do so only after clicking on their photo or blog link that I’ve included.  I can’t express the importance of giving proper pin credit where it is due.**

Shoes Off, Please

Birthday Banner | Shoes Off, Please

Gilit with Shoes Off, Please created this gold,  black and white banner for her Grandmother’s birthday celebration.  Having it hung near her gold end table and cute accent pillow makes this the trifecta of gold.

Two Zero One

Paper Bowl Gold | Two Zero One

At Two Zero One, Stephanie made her own old accent bowl from paper mache.  The best part of this project is that anyone can achieve this rich look and it’s completely customizable.

The Gathered Home

DIY Black & Gold Leaf Canvas Wall Art | The Gathered Home

Of all the bloggers I know, Brynne who writes The Gathered Home is one of the best at adding metallics to her home decor.  She adds little touches here and there that make her home truly shine.  This week she tackled black and gold custom art.  I’ve never used gold leafing and I’m dying to try it.

DIY Ikea Hack and Copper Desk | The Gathered Home

And not to be outdone by gold, Brynne also used copper accents on her new IKEA desk. Copper!  It’s stunning against the wood desk top and such a great alternative to gold or silver.

In our own home, we have a few metallic pieces too.  One of our newest is this garden stool that Tyson gave me last year for Valentine’s Day.

Silver Garden Stool |

I’ve been wanting a garden stool for-ev-er, but they can be a little spendy.  So when I was traveling last year, Tyson found this one and surprised me when I got home.

Garden Stool Detail |

I love the matte finish on it and the intricate scroll detail is totally me.

Silver Leaf Garden Stool |

Of course the college students that come over for bible study every Sunday night like to ask about the “keg” we keep in the living room.

Mixed Metal Home Decor |


Do you follow fashion trends?  What is your favorite metal to decorate with? Have you tried mixing metal decor together?


    • Danielle says:

      Absolutely! And thank YOU for allowing me to showcase your work. I love banners, but I don’t have the depth of inspiration or talent to come up with the pretties you create.

  1. Brynne@The Gathered Home says:

    Danielle, thank you so much for including my copper desk and gold leaf art! Your garden stool is lovely, and I’d love to have one myself – the part about students calling it a keg cracked me up!

    • Danielle says:

      I know… I’ve wanted a garden stool for so long and they’ve ruined it!

      Okay, not really, but it’s just too funny that EVERY new student that comes inevitable asks about “the keg”. 🙂

      Thank YOU for allowing me to share your work. I seriously love the way you are working this trend into your home.

  2. Alex says:

    Copper. I am obsessed with copper. I could never get into the gold thing which is made more ironic given that I have a gold post coming up.

    • Danielle says:

      I kinda love copper more than even gold… it’s just so different. I can’t wait to read your gold post! There’s nothing like swearing you will never embrace a trend and then finding yourself knee deep in it.

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