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Easter (like Christmas) is very important around here because of it’s spiritual significance. However, the holiday is also filled with fun family traditions that my kids still love.  The baskets, the egg dying, the Easter egg hunt, the chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs…  Sure they’re teenagers so there is no mystery behind a magical bunny delivering all the goods, but they still dig the festivities nonetheless.

Easter Carnival | Storypiece.netThis year will most likely be our last Easter with Evan for a while.   With our son heading to college, I’m continually aware of how different things are going to be and so I want to make this Easter a memorable one. When I heard about an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt, I knew I’d come across the perfect solution for my teens.

Upfront, I decided I would want each kid to have their own scavenger hunt to figure out.  I want to use the entire house and I want them heading in different directions in the process.  They will each ultimately find their own Easter basket hidden in two distinctly different places in our home.

This is going to take some orchestrating.

Easter Eggs | Storypiece.net

I started off by brainstorming egg locations.  I came up with 15 places throughout our home that I could hide eggs in.  Even though I want each hunt to be unique to each of my kids, I am using the same clues, but I will have them come up in a different order.  So even though they might find a clue in the same drawer, that clue won’t come up in the same sequence.

I then came up with clever clues for each hiding spot.  Clever should probably be more “clever” because coming up with riddles isn’t my strong suit.  However, if you would like to use my “witty” hints for your own hunt, I have included them here as a free download.  I tried to keep the clues pretty common and they can be completely customized for the age of your egg hunters.  The free downloadable list is here: scavenger hunt clues.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Clues | Storypiece.net

Once I had all of my clues figured out, I got out a sharpie and my eggs to begin putting this all together.

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt | Storypiece.net

Since some of the eggs would be hidden in the same spot, I marked each egg with my teens initial and the numbered clue.

Easter Egg Hunt for Teens | Storypiece.net

In a few of the eggs I added candy because what’s an Easter egg hunt without a little something sweet to enjoy along the way.

Bonus tip:  I love that this scavenger hunt can easily be set-up ahead of time.  As I put each egg out, I’ll double check the clue inside because it would be just like me to mix things up and have this make no sense what’s so ever.

Easter Hunt for Teens | Storypiece.net

That’s pretty much it.  Fingers crossed that this will be a total success and not completely lame.  On Friday, I’ll be sharing my favorite picks for filling teen Easter baskets.

Have you ever held an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt? What are some of your favorite Easter traditions?  How do you keep things interesting as your kids get older?

And for MORE scavenger hunt fun, check out the Birthday Scavenger Hunt we did here.

19 thoughts on “Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

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  2. My family has been doing scavenger egg hunts since my kids were in primary school. They loved it and so one year I decided to do it for my grandson. Since then there has been a note left for the Easter Bunny asking for a riddle hunt ( as they call it). I think the funniest was when we used nursery rhymes for the clues. We laughed as we watched them trying to figure it out. Another idea I have always wanted to try involves different colored string for each child to follow to their basket. The catch- the Bunny looked all over the house leaving the behind a trail of the string everywhere went. The string for each child intersects and they must figure out where theirs goes to.

    • Oh my goodness, Cheryl that is so brilliant! Our Easter mornings are always so crazy with church activities, but I would love to try out your string idea. You are a very fun mom and grandma! Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

      Happy Easter!

  3. I started this in my home when my daughter was old enough to read. With an only child typical egg hunts are “only so much fun”. She absolutely loves it! She’s 13 now and still expects to wake up and find her first clue! Thank you for your list, I was running out of rhymes! Happy Easter!

    • Ha… I love it! It sounds like you’re a pro at this. Insider secret: I used rhyme.net to help me with some of the clues. :) Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Easter with your family!

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  5. I have done an Easter scavenger hunt the past 4 years for my grandchildren. They absolutely love it! The hardest part for me is writing the catchy clues, but I’m getting better at it. I also have the older grandchildren help the little ones.

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  7. I’m a 6th grade teacher. My team usually has an “end-of-the-9-weeks” reward period. I am planning a scavenger hunt for teams of children. All of the teams will have the same clues but in different orders. They will have to check in with a teacher after each clue. The last clue will lead them to the Reward/Treat table.

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  10. Thanks for sharing I love hunts but hate coming up with the places and corny sayings so extra thanks.. We did a hunt but put scriptures pertaining to the Easter story. Then read them in order once all the eggs were found

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  12. Can’t wait to try this. We have three foster teens and I think this will be a great memory for them. They will also get baskets from the EB,.

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