Valentine’s Day Cross Stitch

Easy Valentine Cross Stitch |

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’ve got a new cross stitch pattern to share! It’s something I love to do each year and I couldn’t let this Valentine’s Day slip by without one. For those that are new here, you can find additional Valentine’s Day cross stitch patterns free to download here and here.  

Valentine's Day Cross Stitch |

Cross stitch and needle crafts are making a huge comeback and I’m so excited! These aren’t your grandma’s needlepoint projects. They are sassy and fun!  This pattern in particular is crazy quick to create, which I love… Instant gratification.

This year I opted to incorporate a little gold thread to give the whole thing some serious sparkle.

Free Cross Stitch Pattern for Valentines Day |


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Aida Cloth: Recently I was asked what size Aida cloth I use. Honestly, for something this small, you can use whatever scrap you have around the house. If you are going to purchase supplies, I like 16 or 18 count Aida for most projects. The rule of thumb… the higher the Aida count, the smaller your project will turn out.

Thread: Again I have tons of DMC floss left over from a variety of work that I’ve done. For the purposes of this project I used Black (310), a Pinky Red (309), and gold that you can pick-up in the needlepoint section of your favorite craft store.

Embroidery Hoop: Even for small pieces, an embroidery hoop is a must! It allows you to create nice, even stitches and your work will come out straight.  Trust me, there’s nothing worse than investing your time in stitching something only to have it come out crooked. Also, hoops come in a variety of sizes and are easily reusable.

NeedleTapestry needle size 24

Of course, don’t forget to download your free Valentine’s Day pattern here.

Valentine Cross Stitch |

Stitch it up and enjoy a sweet (sugar-free) treat! I whipped this little guy up in less than hour… or possibly on the way to a Super Bowl Party.

Have you tried cross-stitch yet? Do you save your leftover craft scraps for quick future projects? Who’s got big Valentine’s Day plans this weekend?

Download this free Valentine's Day Cross Stitch pattern for a sweet sugar free treat!


  1. eveofreduction says:

    I love it! I finished the 2 hearts and the XOXO. Time for LOVE. These are really cute and quick. Thank you!

  2. Sara says:

    I love this project and will be doing it with the little girl I homeschool (because not only is it adorable and modern but it also ties in with our colonial history studies!). What size frame have you used? Thanks!

    • Danielle says:

      Hi Sara! Thank you for your kind words. You totally made my day! I like pick-up small frames whenever (2″x3″) I come across them at a good price. Generally I find ones that are around 2″x3″… one you could use for a wallet size photo. Several of the ones I’ve used on the blog I’ve found at Target, but they continually change out the style of what they carry.

      Good luck with you homeschool project and I’m thrilled to at the idea of it being used for colonial history studies. What a fun way to make history come to life!

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