Watermelon Cross-stitch Pattern

Last Monday was National Watermelon Day.

I’m not sure who determines these National Days, but I’m quite certain people could hear me for miles yelling “NOOOOOOOOOO” as I saw all the very cute watermelon pictures pop up on Instagram.

Why the Insta-freakout?

I was confronted with the sad reality that this post that was scheduled for today would be a week too late for National Watermelon Day.

Watermelon Cross-stitch Pattern | Storypiece.net

It’s not the end of the world, but it would’ve been pretty cool to have this cute watermelon cross-stitch project coincide with such a delicious “holiday”.

The good news is there are plenty of summer days left which means plenty of days to enjoy this juicy treat.

Cute Cross-stitch Pattern for Gift Giving | Storypiece.net

In honor of watermelon and enjoying all that summer has to offer, I’ve created this free cross-stitch pattern that you can easily download.

Free Watermelon Pattern for Cross-Stitch | Storypiece.net

Here’s what you’ll need to create your own watermelon cross-stitch project:

Supplies for Watermelon Cross-stitch Pattern | Storypiece.net

You’ll also want to download the free watermelon pattern by clicking HERE.

Follow the pattern to stitch your own personal slice of watermelon. I used two-ply thread and finished the “seeds” with French knots.

Free Cross-stitch Pattern | Storypiece.net

I’m a girl that likes instant gratification and this design can be stitched in an hour or two.

Free Counted Cross-stitch Pattern | Storypiece.net

I added this tasty art to a mason jar filled with homemade pickled watermelon rind which would make for a great hostess gift to take to your next neighborhood barbecue.

Summer Cross-Stitch Pattern | Storypiece.net

And if pickled watermelon rind isn’t your thing, I love the idea of filling the jar with gummy watermelon candies too.

DMC Cross-stitch Pattern | Storypiece.net

If you are looking for more watermelon fun, I am featuring all things watermelon on my Facebook page this week.  You can find Storypiece on Facebook by clicking HERE. Be sure to click the “Like” button and follow along with all the yummy watermelon recipes, crafts and even fashion that I have lined up to share this week.

Watermelon Cross-stitch Pattern | Storypiece.net

**This post contains affiliate links. Many of the supplies listed can be found at your local craft or fabric store, but the links have been provide for your convenience in recreating this project.**





    • Danielle says:

      Thanks Ruthie! I love cross-stitch… especially quick little ones that you can whip up quickly. I’m all about the instant gratification. 🙂

      And thank you for your kind words about my photography. It has been a serious labor of love for and I’m finally getting to place where I’m excited about what I’m capturing. Now to go back and update the photography on some of my older posts… There is a serious “woof” factor in some of those pics that needs to be resolved.

    • Danielle says:

      I hope you do! I have so many unfinished projects… I liked being able to start and complete something fun in one evening. Please let me know how it goes if you try it out.

    • Danielle says:

      Thank you, Margot! I love hearing when something found here is enjoyed by others. Feel free to share a link to the post in you newsletter. I will also have a new pattern available on September 18th… a little something for fall. Cheers!

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