Apple Cross-Stitch (free) Pattern

After posting my cross-stitch tips for beginners, I was SO excited to share the free pattern for September. It’s this cute little apple design with seed beads and it’s perfect for fall.

Apple Cross-stitch Pattern Free |

Adorable, right?

However as I was preparing everything, I just realized that this would be published on October 2nd! The September pattern would arrive… well NOT in September!!

**insert sad trombone**

Ugh! You know what they say about the best laid plans…

So there will be TWO patterns for you in October! Seriously… you are going to be an expert stitcher by Christmas.

Here’s what you’ll need for this little apple:

Counted Cross-stitch Supplies |

First, you’ll want to paint your wood slice so that it can dry while you’re stitching.

Wood Slice Craft |

If you have access to cut wood, you can make your own wood slice for free. However, I picked mine up at our local craft store for a couple of bucks. This was well worth it for me… if you would’ve had to wait for me to break out the saw, this project wouldn’t have seen the light of day until NEXT September.


Rustic Wood Slice Craft Idea |

Tip: I purposely picked a slice with a lot of chunky bark so that it could sit on its edge without rolling away.

Paint your wood slice and set aside to dry.

Painted Wood Slice Idea |

To begin stitching, download your free apple pattern HERE.

Since cross-stitch is a two-step process, simply stitch your first row.

First Stitch in Cross-stitch |

After completing your first row, before coming back with your crossing stitch, add a bead to your needle.

How to Add Beads to Cross-stitch |

Tip: Seed beads are really tiny to work with but if you spill them out on a flat surface, you can easily pick them up with your needle.

Free Apple Cross-stitch Pattern with Beads |

Once the bead is on your needle, complete the stitch by pulling the needle through.

Repeat for all of the red in the apple.

Tutorial How to Add Seed Beads to Cross-Stitch |

Finish by stitching your stem and leaf in traditional cross-stitch.

When your work is complete, cut around the Aida cloth in a rough circle. Your wood slice won’t be perfectly round so your artwork won’t need to be either.

To fray the edges, pull away rows of the woven thread until you get the desired fringe length you want. In the photo you can see I’ve pulled the bottom row partially out and the fringe it creates.

Free Counted Cross-stitch Pattern |

Secure the needlework to your wood slice with a glue dot.

Apple Cross-stitch Pattern Free |

There you have it… a cute little apple cross-stitch ready to add into your fall décor.

Free Autumn Cross Stitch |

Adding seed beads is a super easy way to give dimension and texture to your work. It’s one of those things that looks more complicated than it truly is. Plus it’s always fun to mix things up and try something different in your stitching.

**This post contains affiliate links. Many of the supplies listed can be found at your local craft or fabric store, but the links have been provide for your convenience in recreating this project.**




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