Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

Today’s Valentine’s Day project is a ridiculously easy one. In fact it’s been on my “must try” list FOREVER and after creating these treats… I can’t believe I haven’t made them sooner. To go along with our traditional Chinese Valentine’s dinner, we will be enjoying not only our new DIY color block chopsticks, but also these festive chocolate covered fortune cookies.

Easy Valentines Day Dessert |

Here’s what you’ll need to make-up your own chocolate dipped fortune cookies:

Supplies for Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies |

  • Milk chocolate
  • Sprinkles
  • Fortune Cookies
  • Wax paper

I don’t know why, but this cluster of fortune cookies makes me think of Pac-man. But I digress…

Melt your milk chocolate in the microwave for 60 seconds and mix together. Then dip a fortune cookie into that chocolate gooey goodness.

Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies |

Next dip the chocolate covered cookie in sprinkles.

Chocolate Dipped Valentine's Day Cookies |

Place on wax paper and let it harden in the freezer. These cookies were ready to enjoy after an hour, but I left them in the freezer overnight for good measure.

Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies |

Enjoy! They can store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks… that is if they are around that long.

Valentines Day Fortune Cookies |

My family has already been sampling these chocolate dipped fortune cookies and I don’t think this batch will make it to the 14th. Luckily they are so easy to whip up, I’ll definitely be making more for Valentine’s Day.

How will you be celebrating this Valentine’s Day? Do you have any treats planned for your sweetie? Is there anything that has been on your “to-do” list that turned out to be ridiculously easy? Share in the comments below.

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